Where to Find Good Reads

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In my monthly email to friends of Lynchburg Wealth Management, articles of interest in the financial world are often highlighted.  They’re so popular that I thought I’d share some of the websites I comb through in the hopes that you too will find them useful:

  • Real Clear Markets is updated twice daily with finance and market-themed articles from varying points of view. You may not always agree with the authors of the day, but you will learn something.  I do.
  • Investopedia is a great go-to when you’re looking up an unfamiliar financial term, concept, or situation.  Here you’ll find easy-to-read explanations to help bring you up-to-speed.
  • A Wealth of Common Sense is maintained by blogger turned financial advisor Ben Carlson.  Yes, technically he’s a competitor, but he puts out good material that is often worth the read.

As you’re exploring on your own, please feel free to share your finds and your thoughts with me.  I look forward to discussing them with you.